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BBQ - tomorrow - for Etobicoke North
We are in the game
  As a proud Canadian and a mother of two young children, I have deep concerns about what the future holds for Etobicoke North and for Canada. With a Federal government mired in scandal, and with ever-escalating budget deficits which translate into more and more taxes, wasteful spending and a government that has absolutely no respect for the taxpayers - I feel it is time for ME to step up and run for public office.

I believe the People's Party of Canada is the only legitimate choice.

I am energized by our strong and experienced leader Maxime Bernier, who has a coherent conceptual view that promotes common sense and freedom on the real issues that concern me and this great country of ours.

I have worked and served the constituents of Etobicoke North side by side with my husband Rob Ford for the past 20 years in an informal behind the scenes capacity – the timing is right for me to NOW run for Member of Parliament for Etobicoke North in the next election.

I share the passion of Maxime Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada in lowering taxes and on opposing such ineffective policies such as: corporate welfare, the dreaded carbon tax and the various boutique tax programs that the Liberal and Conservative implement to support their friends at the expense of the average hard-working taxpayers of Canada.

Having respect for Canadian taxpayers and boosting our economy are the two most important issues facing all Canadians. For these reasons and many others, I have been drawn to the People's Party of Canada.

I would be proud to serve under the leadership of Prime Minister Maxime Bernier. It is time to deal with REAL issues concerning all Canadians – growing the economy and creating jobs for our future generations – not hobnobbing with celebrities and catering to the elite at the expense of the Canadian economy. The current government has done NOTHING over the past 4 years except legalizing cannabis. Their entire 2019 platform will be a repeat of 2015 – they’re just slobbering layers of lipstick on their absolute nonsensical platform which features as its centre piece their so-called “climate emergency”.

I firmly believe that the time is right for the good citizens of Canada and Etobicoke North to throw out the remnants of two-party rule and elect a true representative of the people, Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada.